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Earthen Floor Workshop

In this one day workshop you will learn how to install an earthen floor, or "poured-adobe" floor from locally sourced materials. Learn about the materials, process and durability of these beautiful floors and leave with the skills and knowledge to install your own.


This hands on class is located at Spiritwood Natural Building, in Victor Montana. Attendees will join Katherine and Daniel Ray of Spiritwood Natural Building to install an earthen floor in an cob house.


Class Activies: Instructors will cover the materials, tools and techniques used in the construction of an earthen floor. Participants will mix materials used for the earthen floor and install the finish layer of a poured adobe floor. Dress to get dirty! 


Participants will also be able to view two finished earthen floors in a strawbale workshop and balecob house and see the process for finishing these beautiful floors with oils and wax.


Food is not provided. Participants should bring a lunch to this workshop.


Space is limited to 15 participants. 


Date: Saturday, August 26, 2023

Cost: $120

5% discount for family + friends participating together


Location: Spiritwood Natural Building, Victor, MT

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