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Basics of Cob Construction

In this one day workshop you will learn the fundamentals of building with cob.


This hands on class is located at SpiritWood Natural Building in Victor, MT. Attendees will join us to construct free standing cob garden walls.


Learn the basics of cob construction; the materials and techniques used to build anything from garden walls to houses. Participants will also receive a tour of three complete structures; a balecob home and a strawbale workshop. These structure use Rocket Mass Heaters (batch and J-style) for winter heat, have finished earthen floors, and many other natural elements for discussion. Learn how you can build a home for less than a year of rent and still be comfortable and warm.

During this class you will learn to mix cob with your feet and apply with your hands. Dress for getting a bit muddy!

Please bring a lunch for yourself. We will also be cooking pizzas in our wood fired pizza oven for dinner for anyone wishing to join!

Date: Saturday August 3 10:30AM

Location: SpiritWood Natural Building, Victor MT

COST:  $150


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