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9 Day Natural Building Immersion
This class is now full. Sign up to be placed on the waiting list!

This nine day immersion will take place from July 1-July 9. This class has a one day break on the July 5th to allow participants to explore the area, relax, and socialize.

During this nine day immersion workshop you will learn the ins and outs of building a structure with natural materials. Working on a small guest house, participants will help build the earthbag foundation and strawbale and cob walls. Participants will also apply clay based plasters for finishing natural structures. Roofs, floors, and other natural building elements will be discussed during this workshop.

Participants will also receive a tour of two complete structures; a balecob home and a strawbale workshop. These structure use Rocket Mass Heaters (batch and J-style) for winter heat, have finished earthen floors, and many other natural elements for discussion. Learn how you can build a home for less than a year of rent and still be comfortable and warm.

Camp sites are available at no cost. Please inquire ahead about availability for parking live in vehicles. Composting toilet and an outdoor shower are available for use.

An outdoor kitchen is available for community use with some staples provided (rice, bread, sugar, tea, coffee, etc.) as well as greens from the garden. We will be  cooking pizzas in a cob fired oven on the first night of the course for those wishing to join.

Those joining us are welcome to explore the 5 acre property, forage (many berries), swim in the ponds, and walk to the frisbee golf course just down the road.

We love animals, but unfortunately no pets are allowed.


Space is limited to 10 participants.


Date: Saturday July 1 - Tuesday July 9

Start Time: 11am July 1

Cost: $900

5% discount for family + friends participating together


Location: SpiritWood Natural Building, Victor, MT

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