Our Projects

Our first ever cob house was built in a year on our family's property. The cob was made with soil taken from the site, while the stem wall was built from urbanite scavenged from the local landfill and placed on a rubble trench foundation. The house features a living roof, load bearing cob walls, earthen floor, rocket mass heater, and sawdust toilet.

In 2017 we began our second house build, a much larger balecob house. The house features an earthbag stemwall on a rubble trench foundation, attached sun room with trombe wall, rocket mass heater, metal roof, earthen floors, and composting toilet.

While this house's main function is our new home, the property and building will act as a launching point for our dream company Spiritwood Natural Building and Permaculture where we will practice and teach a number of natural building techniques and permaculture practices. We are now living in this house and enjoying it immensely.