SpiritWood Natural Building is the long term vision of two people who want to live simple, fulfilling lives and help others do the same. At SpiritWood we practice many avenues of permaculture, but our main focus is on natural building techniques.

SpiritWood founders Katherine and Daniel

In 2013, we moved back to the Bitterroot Valley and quickly began our love affair with natural building. A long time dream, we were lucky enough to build our first cob home on our family's property as much for practice in mud as an affordable place to live. 

It was during this building process that we found a piece of property of our own and began the intimidating process of purchasing five acres that would blossom into a massive permaculture project.

While SpiritWood Natural Building is not currently hosting workshops/builds, we have found our true spirit as Natural Builders and will soon be applying what we have learned by sharing it with others in person rather than just through our website.