Saturday, December 3, 2016

Cold Climate Cob

Cob isn't known for its insulative properties which casts it into the shadows of cold climate natural building. While we would recommend straw bale or hybrid cob buildings for extreme cold conditions, cob can be more than suitable for staying comfortable during the winter months..
Modern forced air heaters have delivered an unprecedented comfort of heat to most Americans, but the price of this luxury is more than just financial. For those interested in improving your circulation, mood, muscle recovery, as well as boosting your immune system, check out Wim Hof who is making amazing strides in science and health with his method.

Hot food goes a long way to keep you warm. Not only does eating a hot bowl of soup in the winter take the chill out of your body, but the heat from cooking on the stove can easily raise the temperature of smaller homes!

Don't forget that dressing warm is okay inside as well as outside. You don't need it to be 70 degrees to be comfortable, just put on your woolies and drink some hot tea!


  1. Looks warm and cozy in your house! Did you make that pizza on your rocket stove?

  2. Yep. We have a large pizza stone that fits our rocket stove perfectly.

  3. Great philosophy, Daniel. You two walk the talk and are an inspiration to many. We are proud to call you our friends! Amy & Ken

    1. THanks amy. We hope that many are inspired by our actions and continue to fight for the good of our Earth.

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