Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Design phase again

I've posted a few photos of the new property Katherine and I have purchased this year on the blog. We haven't done much on our beautiful five acres other than build a woven fence and put in some fruit trees. Most of are efforts this year are going towards designing our next home and where everything on the property should go. We are lucky to have our own home while we begin the planning phase again and I am so looking forward to getting my feet dirty again.

Above is our current plans for the next house, a cob/bale hybrid. Hopefully this next year you will see some work in progress as we move forward to complete yet another project.


  1. Hi there! Is it the same property with more land or did you buy a new piece of property? If so, why? Just curious. Why are you building a new home?

  2. The house that has been featured on this blog was built on my parents property. At the time we began, we had not purchased any property for ourselves. Our decisions for building the current house was to save money without the need to rent, practice building with cob for a future home on our own property, and to share the experience with others.

    We were lucky enough to purchase a small five acre parcel which we will begin building on this year for our forever home.

  3. Are u selling the cob you first build? If so can I buy it? Or are u willing to rent after u move in but new house, Chris

    1. Unfortunately no. This house was built on family's property and will be utilized as a guest house. This house was entirely built as practice and doesn't have all of the commodities that a renter would want. No fridge (we manage with a cooler), no running water (we use a frost free spigget).

      But at under $10 per square foot anyone should be able to build their own.

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