Sunday, July 12, 2015

Moved in


  1. Congratulations!!
    I would love to see it in person again.
    Do you have your water system working yet? Can you elaborate on it?
    Could you use some pillows?

  2. The water for the sinks and shower are not yet plumbed in. However, I do have the pump installed under the counter and ready to go when I find the time to run piping.

    Basically the pump will supply water from a cistern to the faucets--the same system you would find in an RV. Our drinking water is in a 3 gallon glass carboy atop a water crock. Eventually the cistern will collect rainwater from our roof which can then be used in the house and sent out as gray water back to our garden.

  3. Does that work for your bathroom sink and tub as well?
    Can you take pictures of the loft as well?
    Have you had time to plant a garden and work on the outside plaster?
    Congratulations on your cob house!