Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Earthen counters are smoothed and drying

Below are photos and the recipe we came up with for the counter top. This will be very similar to the recipe we use for the floors which are going in soon. Both the counters and floors when fully dry will be finished with oil and beeswax to protect and harden to a soft-wood like finish.

               (Some wheat growing towards the window)

Earthen Counter Recipe:

36 cups silica sand
12 cups red clay (archie bray)
8 cups wheat paste
1/2 cup borax
4 cattails


  1. Katherine, your work is beautiful.

  2. Question: when do you plant your roof?

    1. Right now the seed from the straw is starting to sprout. I've also seeded it with clover. A bit later (when we are done with everything else) we will probably add other things as well.

  3. Hello Daniel! That counter looks beautiful, I would like to know the purpose of the borax on your recipe, is the wheat paste to strengthen it? I just tried building a cob counter myself but just used sand and clay and I figured out there must be an improved way of doing it. Thank you!

  4. Hi. We put borax in the counter, alis, and floor so that it would prevent mold from growing. Our floors for example took some time to dry and broke out in a greenish mold. Mold is okay and to be expected though, even with adding borax. Spores are everywhere and will no longer grow when the surface is dry.

    We liked using a mix of Borax and clove essential oils to eliminate mold growth because they are both naturally occurring materials.