Monday, November 17, 2014

First layer of plaster and sub-floor.

A sample of the final layer of plaster. It will be lighter. 
We are putting flag stone down in the bathroom under the clawfoot tub. 

The loft has a custom built, cob headboard with built in night stands! 


  1. Will your bed be on the floor or will you put it on a bed frame?
    Will the bed be a queen size bed?

  2. Do you apply the final coat of plaster with a trowel?

  3. Great Pictures! I am saving them all to make a digital storybook of your Montana Cob Cottage :) Hey Karen, I passed on one of the great photos you took of Danny & Katherine and the dogs at the front door of their house. It might be their Christmas card photo :)

  4. We have a queen size bed. I think we will put it on a simple frame.