Monday, October 27, 2014

RMH update

Thought I should post a video of the rocket mass heater (RMH) that will be keeping Katherine and I warm this winter. Many people are skeptical of the design, use and function of this amazing stove. I forgot to get a shot of the cob bench our duct runs through (thermal mass of the heater), but our 8" ducting runs horizontally through 30' of cob mass before exiting the house. The thermal mass traps all of the heat passing through the barrel.

How it works

The chimney within the 55 gallon barrel gives a chimney effect creating a draft down the feed tube (where we burn the sticks) and keeping any flame or smoke from escaping into the house. The incredible heat in the burn tunnel reburns much of the smoke before reaching the barrel. The gases cool rapidly in the much cooler barrel and shrinks adding an extra pull to the system. The hot air is then forced through the bench (losing all of its heat) and exits the house at little over 100 degrees F. This amazing heat transfer allows us to burn less wood, less often and still heat our home.

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  1. I am looking forward to sipping hot chocolate while keeping my butt toasty on the your wonderful cob bench :)